Attest are a VC backed startup market research company looking to cause some major disruption in the sector.

As a startup, a huge part of their current focus is on creating the right platform for their business.

I was asked to come up with some wireframes to explore how the platform could ask questions to users without being biased, or putting too much focussing on the first possible answer.

My solution was to either display all the possible answers at once, or if only one answer could be shown at a time, to have them randomly assigned different positions, so the answers would appear in a different order for each user.

The wireframes show the cycle from the first screen which poses the initial question, to the second stage where the question remains on screen and the possible answers are displayed with a mini description for each. To the final screen where, once users have selected an answer, they are able to review the question and answer before confirming their answer selection.