BMI Healthcare is an independent provider of private healthcare. They commissioned me to design their Annual Report which was quite a challenge; Annual reports can be long dull documents based on figures with very little contextualisation. That’s what I wanted to change with this one.

I introduced case studies and images of patients and staff to break up the information and to support the facts with real-life stories. This helped to emphasise BMI’s interest in their patients’ journeys after treatment, and in recording the difference that treatment has made to their overall quality of life.

I also wanted to interpret the numbers in a way that would be more effective and inspiring than just presenting them in a table. I decided to use graphics and pick out key figures that would be immediately impactful. Full-page images gave the report a magazine look and feel.

We created a number of book proofs to make sure that the print quality was high enough to meet our expectations. The final report was distributed to BMI’s 62 hospitals throughout the country.