BMI Healthcare is an independent provider of private healthcare. HealthMatters is their online magazine which aims to increase traffic and referral rates to their website.

Having worked closely with the digital team on previous projects, including the redesign of the website homepage, I was approached first when it came to putting the creative for the magazine together.

I was asked to create the look and feel for the magazine, beginning with sketches, moving onto the UX cycle with many wireframes and eventually ending up with a fleshed-out UI.

In designing the magazine I had to think constantly about what the user was going to want to see first, how they were going to interact with the content, remain engaged with it and continue through to the CTA.

As the magazine was to be updated monthly, it was key to make the template simple to enable the in-house team to make the changes required speedily and efficiently. I incorporated this into the design brief and put a process in place making life easier for everyone involved.