BMI Healthcare is an independent provider of private healthcare. After much analysis the digital team at BMI realised that people weren’t spending much time on their homepage or navigating into the rest of the site from it. They were heading back to their search engine or a previous website, doing another search and then visiting another page further through the BMI site.

This led naturally to a redesign of the homepage. As the previous homepage wasn’t effective, I needed to think carefully about making changes that would make it fit for purpose. I began with stripping out duplicated information and making the search area more prominent and user friendly, as this seemed to be what people were struggling with most.

I began with sketches, then followed the UX cycle of wireframing, testing, questioning, tweaking, tracking then deploying the UI to the wider world.

The redesign was successful, it kept people from bouncing straight back to their previous site, we could track them through the BMI site and build a greater understanding of what they were looking for.